Shoulder Rehabilitation for Swimmers

Shoulder Rehabilitation for SwimmersPrehabilitation exercise for the shoulders

Prehab is sometimes scoffed at by athletes of various sports, however it is becoming a major and integral part of many an athletes strength programme. Whether it is called pre-habilitation, rehabilitation or even injury management it is an area that needs to be accepted by coach and athlete alike.

Physiotherapists and sports masseurs have been using pre habilitation to ensure that athletes stay at the top of their game and obviously to minimise the risk of injury and then having to enforce rehabilitation as part of the plan.

One of the best shoulder rehab exercises for swimmers or even upper body athletes is shapes, quite simply the shoulder’s make the relevant alphabetical shape during a four movement functional movement pattern. This session can be used as a warm up, part of a conditioning set or on a stretching routine where functional movement patterns form part of the stretching. The following movement pattern may help to improve fine motor skills used during swimming, the above exercises can be used for any sport where shoulders are an integral part of the

Basketball Jumping Drills to Improve Your Vertical Leap

Basketball Jumping Drills to Improve Your Vertical LeapMany athletes dream to increase their vertical jump especially for basketball players who would like to be able to dunk.

The height of our vertical jump involves our explosion and overall leg strength. By having a strong core strength, is also an important factor to our vertical leap. As such, you need to condition your core muscles as well. These are some exercises that you can do at home or gym to improve your vertical leap.


Having flexibility is important to jump high. You need to do stretching daily which will improve and strengthen your muscles to give your body to gain flexibility. It is recommended to stretch before and after workout.

Keep Jumping:

You can use a jumping rope which is an amazing exercise to train your vertical jump. The movement of the jumping rope will also help to improve your jumping explosion. At the same time, it help to pump your heart and train your cardio together. You can put on a pair of ankle weights to

Some Tips Before Climbing A Mountain

Some Tips Before Climbing A MountainMountain climbing is an activity that is definitely considered exciting and fun.

While it is viewed as something exhilarating, one must never discount the fact that it is dangerous outdoor activity as well. With that said, everyone who is set to climb a mountain must be aware of important tips before starting your trek.

In this article, you will learn about practical advices on mountain climbing. So keep on reading to be educated and ready before you set foot on the summit of your country’s highest peak (or just another mountain for beginners).

Here are some of the tips that we have gathered:

1. Read a lot. Before you decide to go on trekking, make sure that you have already done your homework. Yes, you need to read a number of materials that will help you prepare for your dream adventure. By doing some research, you will be equipped with knowledge on the skills required for mountain climbing and mental preparation techniques, among others. By the way, there are also videos you can search for over the internet that talk about

Surviving the Water

What if? What if that drowning could have been prevented? What if? What if that person was still alive? What if? What if that child or teen had a chance? What if that parent or guardian or teacher or companion could have made a change in that one day, that day that changed the life of many?

What if?

Now, you can. You can make the difference in a life; you can save that life. You can be there for someone. You can do it. You can be a lifesavor without ever having to take a swimming course. You can be a life saver without even ever having to go into the swimming pool. You can do it. But you need to want to do it. You need to want to discard all your fears, discard all your misconceptions about what is socially acceptable. You need to not worry if you will come across like a nerd. You will need to care only about LIFE first! Yes, care about life first and then do what is necessary for life. Do what is necessary to prevent drowning. Do what is necessary to save the life of a

Nutrition for Swimmers What to Eat and When

All children who participate in the sport of swimming can greatly benefit from sports nutrition. As swimming is based on strength, power, endurance and agility, a swimmer can eat a tailored diet based on their training and competition requirements.

As well as the benefits an athlete will enjoy from improving their sports nutrition habits, adolescence is also a great time to introduce and reinforce good overall nutritional habits for future years. The promise of an effect on performance and encouragement from significant others, is usually enough for an adolescent to make a change and sustain this.

Sports nutrition is not restricted to the competition environment. Ensuring that an athlete consumes the right food and fluid before, during and after training will also help maximise their energy levels, provide them with the fuel that they require, and provide the essential nutrients for growth, development and performance on a day to day basis.

Sports nutrition is the principle of tailoring specific food and fluid requirements to an athlete in order to maximise physical performance.

It is not just the elite athlete who benefits from sports nutrition. The junior, age group and recreational athlete can improve their

Why Do Eyes Turn Red After Swimming Sometimes

Many people have asked me about what causes red eye after swimming in the pool. Most people I have talked to about this topic usually suggest that it is the chlorine in the pool that is causing this issue. Although this is partially true, chlorine is not usually the main cause of this common swimming issue.

To understand how chlorine works in your pool water, it is important to know the difference between free chlorine and combined chlorine. Free chlorine’s main job is to disinfect and sterilize the pool water to prohibit algae growth and keep it free of live organisms that can cause illnesses. Combined chlorine is the chlorine that combines with other elements or compounds in the pool such as oils, sun tan lotions, organic material or other chemicals that have been introduce from a variety of different sources. Combined chlorine is not good at sterilizing or disinfecting the pool, but it is good at creating the strong chlorine smell, drying out your skin and creating red eye after swimming.

Another factor that can cause red eye is the pH of your pool water. The human tear typically ranges from 7.4-7.6. Swimming in water

How To Catch More Waves and Get Surf Fit Fast

Point One: Surfing is Your Best Surfing Training.

Surfing is a unique sport that challenges our minds and body’s in many diverse ways each time we paddle out. The fact that mother nature doesn’t provide us with a perfect play and practice environment whenever we surf and forces us to battle with wind, wave chops, swell direction, tides, currents, water temperature, flat spells, seasons, and a moving playing field, means that the more time spent in the water (within reason) the better progressions we can make with our surfing skills and abilities.

This fundamentally means that to get better at surfing requires that your base training, be surfing. Paddling out in a variety of surf spots, practicing skills on different boards and learning to read the ocean should be priority in your surfing training. But and this is a very big but, get ready for point two.

Point Two: Strength Training is Very Important

Conditioning with correct land and water based strength movements, exercises and drills can excel a surfers performance, reduce the likelihood of injury, enhance endurance and increase performance consistency every time you surf. This is especially true if you wish to

Surfing Paddling Technique

As surfers we spend much more time paddling than actually riding the wave. So it makes sense to focus on our surf paddling technique. If you want to surf better, you need to catch more waves, if you want to catch more waves you need to paddle better.

Here are the basics you should know about:


Paddling for a wave is all about timing. Always stay in front of the wave, so position yourself correctly and start paddling early. Remember the faster the wave, the faster you need to paddle.


Find the sweet spot on your board. Don’t lie to far back so the nose will lift up and push water. If you position yourself too far forward your board will nose dive into the water.

Try not to lean too far to the left or right, stay balanced. Keep your board flat on the water.


When paddling you need a constant planing speed. If you paddle with both arms you will momentarily lose momentum and speed. When you double-paddle you will jerk forward and then slow down. The

Planning a Safe Surfing Adventure

Surfing is one of the most popular of water sports in countries with extensive and well-developed beaches. Individuals who love to surf would have gone through proper training first. However, in light of recent events in Australia, where a 41-year-old Japanese surfer died as a result of being attacked by a shark, it is essential that even expert surfers be watchful and follow a few tips for their own safety.

First thing first, do not embark on a surfing adventure unless you know how to swim. It is not just important to know “how” to swim, but also equally important to have developed your stamina for swimming. One should be a well-practiced swimmer, because swimming regularly develops strong muscles. It is necessary to be in full strength when surfing as one is frequently required to swim upon losing balance while surfing (this is very common, especially with beginners). It is advisable not to swim against the current. A tip to prevent neck injuries is not to dive into the water headfirst, but to fall flat and use your outstretched hands to identify any obstructions.

Secondly, your mindset is of utmost significance. One must realize that it

An Overview of Standup Paddle Boarding

SUP is the abbreviated form of the water sport called standup paddle boarding, which is gaining popularity by the day. For a long time, it has been believed that the popularity of kayaking as a water sport steadily increased from the 1990s and beginning of 2000s. It will be equally good to say that paddling kayaks has come down to the most favorite from the fastest growing. Well, it seems this sport will soon have to get rid of either of these titles.

Standup paddle boarding may not yet be the most favorite water sport, but it is gaining popularity very fast.

Understanding Standup Paddle boarding

The origin of standup paddle boarding is the same as that of other board sports, and that is Hawaii. SUP, also known as “Hoe he’e nalu”, has very old roots. However, it has become popular now with many photographers and surf instructors.

SUP basically employs a type of surf board along with a lengthy paddle. In this regard, it’s a mix of surfing and canoeing. The credit for making it popular goes to Laird Hamilton, who made use of the paddle grabbing towing waves originating in Hawaii. But

Why Rock Climbing Is Great for Kids

Rock climbing is not just for grown-ups. Your children can also enjoy this fun-filled activity as well as reap its advantages. Aside from its heart-health benefits, it is also known to boost their self-confidence and esteem. While it may not be an impromptu activity like running or biking, there are many climbing walls that are now available, especially with the advent of fitness centers and camps.

The great thing about having your kids join these activities is that it follows up on their natural tendency. As you know, children are natural climbers. You can see them going up on trees or scaling tall ladders. With rock climbing, you can satisfy their impulses to clamber.

What’s more, it is fairly easy on the kids compared to adults. With a high strength-to-weight ratio, they have less body weight to pull up, and they are more flexible.

It is also a low-impact workout that tests your children’s endurance. It’s easy on their joints as they burn energy during their ascent. What’s more, climbing walls are like giant puzzles begging to be solved. Not only does it tests the physical aspects of your children’s development, it also stimulates their

Climbing Half Dome the Challenge of a Lifetime

I have previously written about the trip I made with my father in 1997 to Yosemite. We were unable to attempt Half Dome on that visit as they hadn’t as yet attached the cables which are used for the final part of the ascent. The fact we hadn’t done Half Dome bugged me from the time we departed the park that year despite our having had a great trip up to the top of Yosemite Falls.

We found ourselves back in the park two years later this time during the ‘right’ time of year to climb Half Dome. After staying in San Francisco for an evening we drove the 4 hours to the park the next day. As we entered the valley proper it was impossible to do anything but to look up at the massive El Capitan. I had a hard time focusing on the road wanting to ‘see’ everything even though we had been here only two years prior.

After checking out the trail head to confirm our starting point the next day we drove back to a flea bag motel just outside the park. Note, the Evergreen Lodge is an amazing place and

Important Tips For Climbing A High Altitude Mountain

Climbing a high altitude mountain is both tiring and tough, it is mentally and physically demanding and you must be well prepared for the hike if at all you are going all the way to the summit. When thinking of climbing a mountain, you most probably will be doing it in a team and you really do not want to be the whiner that drags everyone else down. Remember that anything can happen during the climb including elements such as bad weather changes, difficult terrains and avalanches. It helps to prepare well in advance and to ensure that you are physically and mentally ready for the challenge ahead.

Tip 1 Get in shape and prepare physically

You cannot wake up one morning and decide to go climb a mountain because you put your health at risk. High Altitude Mountains are really challenging and you must commit weeks of exercising and training before you finally start the climb to the pick. Create a workout schedule that puts your body to the test so it is able to withstand the varying terrains and conditions you might face when climbing the mountain. Try including high elevations, boulder fields and

Salt Water Pools Give You a Great Swimming Experience Every Time

There’s been a big movement towards salt water pools in the last few years. However, most homeowners have never even heard of these types of pools, let alone know anyone who has one. So we’re outlining the truth about saltwater swimming pools once and for all!

A salt water pool system works with the help of a generator which converts salt into chlorine. Instead of dumping chemicals into your pool, you add salt to the generator. Through a process called electrolysis, the generator breaks down that salt, creating more free available chlorine (FAC) naturally. This free available chlorine is what actually sanitizes your pool. The saltwater pool system thus eliminates the need to add chlorine or “shock” into your pool, because it supplies a steady stream of chlorine itself.

Still not convinced? We bet we can change your mind.

The Added Benefits of Using a Saltwater Pool System

Making the switch can do a lot for you and your family in the long run. Some of the best salt water pool benefits include:

  • A more comfortable swimming experience. The salinity level in salt water swimming pools in lower, and the water itself feels

What Good Is an All Carbon 4 Pound Mountain Bike Frame

The other day I was talking to someone who just bought an incredible mountain bike, the frame of his mountain bike was only about 4 pounds and it was completely carbon fiber. It was the lightest thing you’ve ever seen, you could put it in your hands, put your arms straight out, and hold it there for 15 minutes and not even notice, it was that light. He also had all the bells and whistles available for his new bike, and even asked me if I wanted his old frame, which I didn’t need. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

You see he likes to go on long rides, but by the time he puts all the components on, the sports computer, and carries the extra water bottles, and everything else he is adding a tremendous number of pounds onto the bike frame. What good is it to save 4 pounds on a mountain bike frame if you are going to put three water bottles on it? Further, wouldn’t it be better to lose 10 pounds on your body instead? It’s nice having a light mountain bike, but what good is all that carbon fiber and all

Reasons To Climb Mt. Whitney In Winter

1 – The Challenge

Conquer the highest point in the lower 48 during the most difficult time of year. The two main trails are the Mountaineers route and the Whitney Trail. Both offer unique challenges this time of year. When you climb Whitney in winter, you are working for it using winter climbing techniques making the summit that much more special.

2 – The Photography

Capture amazing shots of the snow covered Sierras, especially during sunrise and sunset. The light of the Alpenglow as it strikes the mountains is breathtaking. The snow that covers the mountains adds amazing depth and contrast to your shots. Frozen lakes, and waterfalls add to the beauty of the area.

3 – Better Yourself

Hone your mountaineering skills with ice axe, snowshoe, and crampon use. Stop buying gear just to take cool photos with on snowy hills you can walk up in flip flops and board shorts. Take a course, or teach yourself, and get up on a real mountain that challenges you to use the tools you have. Using crampons and an ice axe is pretty much common sense with a little practice. The trails have every

A Guide to Biking and Trail Running for Women

Ask any woman biker about what she adores about her activity, and she’s expected to go on explaining its numerous gifts – the sense of liberty, the feeling of exploring someone’s limits and being tougher, the gorgeous vista, the delight of endorphins, the acquaintances and community she has met through biking on carbon wheel set and trail running. They get the identical questions repeatedly: How will I identify where I am going? Is it secure? What about wild animals or snakes? What if I collapse? The list goes on. And yet, at first, many women have no reservations about biking and trail running.

These apprehensions are convincing, surely. But overcoming these can be a vast foundation of empowerment and, by doing so, will encourage you into the convivial arms of the utmost outdoor pursuits on this earth. Experts genuinely consider that any individual’s life can be better by cultivating a biking and trail-running routine. Just find your clan. Not all cities are as lucky to have something like Women on the Trails curriculum, but perform a little investigation in your town to notice if any beginner trail-running sessions exist. The majority of trail runners shall inform you

The Bicycle Rules Safe Aware and Cautious

A bicycle messenger is peddling fast in the bike lane, trying to get to his destination. He’s observing all traffic laws, wearing a helmet, and maintaining situational awareness to avoid being struck. He’s also going very quickly, trying to make his route before he has to return to the office. As he approaches the intersection, he checks the turn lane for cars, and sees none. He pedals on, entering the last intersection before he is done for the day. Suddenly, he hears tires lock up, and sees the broad side of a car screeching toward him into the side of the intersection. It’s all he can do to jump off of his bike, but the car is faster and he catches it square in the chest. The bike messenger is thrown several yards from the car, and lies on the hood of another vehicle waiting at the red light.

It Happens Every Day
Bicycle accidents happen every day. Bikes are subject to many of the same laws as vehicles, and have the added caveat that they must be careful to avoid being struck. Vehicles moving at a high speed have a hard time seeing bikes, simply because

Adventure Mountain Biking With Safety Equipment

Mountain biking is the perfect sport for those with an appetite for outdoors and adventure. Cycling downhill gives the adrenaline rush that thrills many youngsters. MTB bicycles or bikes as they are popularly called are designed specifically for this sport. The MTB bikes come with suspension to with stand the tuft terrain. The bicycle may come either with full suspension or only front suspension.

Mountain bikes are normally categorized into four groups based on suspension:

Rigid: This term refers to a bike’s frame with a rigid fork and fixed rear, but no suspension.

Hard tail: This term refers to a bike’s frame with a front suspension fork and no rear suspension.

Soft tail: This term refers to a bike’s frame with a small amount of rear suspension, which is activated by the flex of the frame instead of pivots.

Dual or full suspension: This term refers to a bike’s frame with a front suspension fork and rear suspension with a rear shock and linkage that allow the rear wheel to move on pivots.

While choosing a mountain bike for a trail, it is important to consider the right frame for the particular

Heading Out on the Road for Some Serious Mountain Biking

There is absolutely nothing like heading out on the road with your vehicle and traveling to some gorgeous track somewhere, whipping out your bike, and then doing a spot of mountain biking. If you have a mountain bike then you are going to need to head out on the road. On this page I want to run you through a couple of the things that you will need to think about when heading out on that trip.

Firstly, you are going to need to get an idea of the type of place you want to head. You can do this in a couple of ways. In the past I used to pick up dedicated mountain bike magazines and have a flick through the pages. Most included a fair few maps of trails. However, most of these were not local. Nowadays you can just head online and get all sorts of advice. Do not forget to print off some maps. You are going to need to follow them.

Now, most people head out there with just their mountain bike and a bit of safety equipment. You can do this. However, if you are serious about mountain biking